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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Nuketown... Whats up with that?

What has the world come two... see what I did there XD
Lately I've been pondering what the developers at Treyarch were smoking when they decided on bringing to life one of the most outrageous map's in the Call of Duty franchise. Its like they asked themselves, while high, what makes multipayer !@#$? and then decided to create an abomination to promote that very gay game play. What map am I talking about, you ask, Nuketown of course, this monstrosity combines everything and anything noob like noob tubbing, grenade spam, flash & stun grenade spam, spawn camping and camping in general... like under the bus... dumb buses. If that has'nt sold you on the idea that Nuketown is a cock up from start to finish, then I dare you, play the map and look in the sky, or look at the picture above. There are, not one, but two rainbows. DAMN, DAT'S WHACK.

And for all you twitchy bastards out there who think Nuketown is cool, well then all I can say to you is, you are entitled to your own wrong opinion :D

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  1. Shut up i like all the little quirks in Nuketown.
    They should have called it Fuckin-AwesomeTown!

  2. LOLz, bet you use a famas with noob tube :D
    but enjoy anyway!

  3. I have only really played a couple of times and as much as it is a dick map filled with c0car04ch35 its just fun enough to get you addicted...

  4. be careful I SQUASH BUGS!!! lol