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Thursday, 26 May 2011

Do violent games produce violent youth?

Let me use caps to get my point across... its also the cruise control for cool :). So here it goes, my answer is
No, no, no, no violent games have nothing to do with bring up the next generations psychopaths. But do you want to know what does makes a Gamer fall rage quit, it's when they hear people say >insert obnoxious accent here< "Violent games produce violent psychopaths". I mean when I hear it the first thing to mind is "You keep on moaning like that and I will personally show you a psychopath". I've been playing war games since CoD started and I've turned out fine, or have I?

Another reason games are not linked to murder is because there is a part of your brain, i forget its name (get back to you on that one), that controls your reasoning. PC games have not yet mastered disintegrating brain parts and so can't turn you into a murderer (I suppose it shows you how to cock a gun, or protect yourself against a zombie apocalypse... but that ish be necessary). Study's have actually shown that the drug Tik eats away at the brain, including the reasoning part, causing people to rage quite on their mom... not pretty.

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And remember kids don't do drugs :D


  1. Where is my reference :( but i liked the dont do drugs part